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NHL Figures Launch Event

Yesterday, November 9th 2015, was the NHL figures launch event at the Steak Shop restaurant in Laval. Imports Dragon was proud to introduce the Fall 2015 product line. Special guests: Max Pacioretty and David Desharnais. The Montreal Canadiens players and medias were invited to see for the first time the NHL hockey player figures. Hockey games, wine and FUN were part of the event!  Several medias attended the event and published their article on their websites. See below all the…

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The Trash Pack’s Official Sportif Guide

We are very proud to present this third primary class’s work. They use their imagination to create new sporty Trash Pack’s with a story to accompany each character Go see the book here! (*Available only in french) Invent your own Trash Pack story! Let your imagination going on!

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