Imports Dragon Toy Donation 2017 Program

Applying for Toy Donations

Applications for toy donations are only accepted using the online forms from November 1st, 2017 through November 24th, 2017.

Applications will not be accepted after the deadline. Depending of the number of applications received, Imports Dragon might not be able to fulfill all the requests and we are sorry if we cannot accommodate your needs.

Imports Dragon Toy Donation Program

The central objective behind this donation is quite simple; to bring the magic of the holidays to children that are less fortunate. Priority is given to nonprofits that serve children from 3 to 12 years of age.

The majority of our donation packages include assorted toys for boys and girls. An assortment typically consists of multiple types of toys. The products are selected by Imports Dragon and you cannot request any special toys. Toys cannot be sold, transferred, assigned, lent or given outside your own organization. The content of the donation is dependent on current product inventory available for donation.

Please only ask for the minimum number of packages that you need so that Imports Dragon could help as many organizations as possible. The value of most toys will be between $5 to $10 each.

Eligible organizations:

  • Serve children in Canada only.
  • Must directly serve children in need.
  • Have to distribute our toys for the holiday season 2017


Please click here to summit your application

Imports Dragon reserves the right to change and/or alter the Toy Donations guidelines at any time and without prior notification. While supplies last.