What makes LALABOOM beads unique and multi-age?

  • SNAP function +6 months
    Primary function, manipulation  sensory exploration of various beads textures, colour recognition, gross motor skills development, eyes-hand coordination.
  • Lacing function 24 – 36+ m.
    Thanks to an inner hole, kids can easily string  several beads. LALABOOM it the 1st toy offering  lacing function below 18 months.
    No small parts!
  • TWIST Open close +12m.
    A screwing system allows to open  and close each bead easily. Fine  Motor skills & coordination  stimulation.
  • Combination mix match 24 – 48+ m.
    ALL beads are interconnected  allowing unlimited combinations.  Children can also stack and play with  half beads.
  • Construction game 18 – 48+ m.
    Child can use whole bead or half beads to  stack it, then divide and swap any part of the construction. Additional items like LALABOOM activity table  and LALABOOM activity tree provide a nice building.
8 Pcs Bath Bloom Beads Caterpillar
24 Pcs Bloom Beads
12 Pcs Stack’n’beads
11 Pcs Pyrabeads & rattles
8 Pcs Activitree
36 Pcs Snap Beads