Robo Viking Kombat

Power on your Robo Balloon Puncher toy and get ready for a fun fight. Keep punching until it POPS! Attach a balloon on the toy robot, put the detachable goggle on the balloon, call your friends and enjoy the game. Keep fighting, and when your opponent’s balloon bursts, you will be the winner. Two game modes allow you to play alone or with your friends: challenge mode (battle with AI) and versus mode (battle against your friends). The robot set consists of two radio-controlled robots with remote controls, two goggles and enough balloons to compete with your friends. This robotic toy supports almost all kinds of balloons you can find on the market.

Robo Viking Kombat

The Robo Viking Kombat pack come with detachable armors, LED illuminated Eyes, 5 actions,
cool punching sound effects, IR control and power fist with combo punch.

Robo Dackel

A Robotic Puppy that grows while you pet it!

Robo Combat Duel

Let’s get ready to rumble with the Robo Kombat Twin Pack! Now you can challenge up to 3 of your friends,
battle with A.I. or practice with the training dummy! Show off your power fist with the combo punch,
and scare your opponents with LED illuminated eyes. A wireless remote control allows for the fun to never stop!
Let the games begin.


Your First Step to Robotics! 12 different kinds of commands with the wireless pre-program remote dial for
creating up to 50 programmable actions, robotic programming can never been easier with so much fun!


Have some fun with Robots Gloopies! You can make it shoot out its tongue with the simple press of a button.
Put on a show for friends and family with six light colours and sound effects available to show off
six different emotions. Now what are you waiting for? It’s Robots Gloopies time!

Robo Chameleon

Move, Aim and Catch! A Robot Chameleon that can Shoot the tongue out and snap up the “food”!
Simply walk your Robo Chameleon to the “food” by remote control, aim, and press “catch.”
The Robo Chameleon has a LED illuminated body with multiple colours that will change.
Its eye’s and tail will even move when it walks.

Maze Breaker

Welcome to the future! The Robot Maze Breaker will quickly become your child’s best friend with its
intelligence and bright LED lights. The Robo Maze Breaker moves in all directions, locates and detects obstacles
thanks to sensors located under his wheels. It can also record voices and repeat them back,
and dance while creating sound effects.

Junior 1.0

Allow us to introduce you to a true game changer in robotic fun, the O.P One! The O.P One has everything
you could possibly want in a robot! You can talk via a controller and broadcast the message,
with 5 real-time voice changer effects, or auto record and repeat your control input with the Code Tracker.
Need a helping hand? The O.P One’s motorized arms can lift up objects with both hands!

Train My Dino

Looking for a robot that is Dino-mite? The Robots Train my Dino will let out a roar from the Jurassic era
but wants to be trained! Take full advantage of the Follow Me function, as you lead your robot on
exciting adventures. The intelligent sensor also allows the Robots Train my Dino to follow
your instructions and hand movements, and avoid obstacles.

Mooko & Ruffy

Ruffy & Mooko are lifelike robots that can learn 12 different tricks via your voice commands.
With the SmartBone included, you can name your dog or cat, and also personalize up to
12 different commands in your own secret language for lifelike poses.
Ruffy & Mooko even feel emotions; when you pet their head they will be happy,
when you push their nose, they will be sad. Bring Ruffy & Mooko home today!

Robo Kombat Single

A battling robot with power fists! The Robo Kombat robot has a powerful appearance and cool LED eyes!
It also has 3 exciting gameplays to choose from: Versus mode, Challenge mode and Training mode.