Imports Dragon launches a new brand : Grossery Gang

Imports Dragon is proud to launch a new brand in Canada that will surely put a smile in every kid’s face. From the universe of the popular toy line Trash Pack, the Grossery Gang is hitting the shelves with characters based on recognizable shopping items, from convenient stores and more! But your shoppin’s gone rotten! Will you take a bite of some Gross Greasies, dare to try a Sour Dairy, or grab a quick snack of Crunchos?! The Grossery Gang are…

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The very popular Shopkins season 5 is hitting the stores in Canada

Imports Dragon based in Boisbriand, Quebec is proud to be launching, in Canada, the trendy Shopkins season 5 collection which now includes over 500 different Shopkins to collect. Since May 2nd, this season has been distributed across Canada. What makes this collection so rare is the fact that Shopkins are constantly growing in popularity and demand, creating a sort of madness surrounding their collectible status. Fans better hurry up and buy them because they’re going to be harder and harder…

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