A long time ago, the island-world of Gorm was threatened by a terrible enemy: the Darkans. The Gormiti, 
guided by their powerful Lords, joined their forces to face this threat. War broke out…but the Gormiti won. 
Today, this battle is remembered as legendary. The only remaining proof is the One Tower, the ancient 
fortress of the Gormiti. When 4 young heroes – Riff, Ikor, Trek and Eron – discover the One Tower, 
prophecies come true: the Darkans are back! Our heroes must learn to use the Elemental Bracers to 
summon the legendary Gormiti and unleash their power to save the world!



Mini Figures 5cm Asst.


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Action Figure Deluxe 25cm




Roleplay Elemental Bracer

Riff is the Fire Herald, an energetic and impulsive boy 
who can’t wait to fight for the future of Gorm! Like all 
the people of the Fire Region, he doesn’t like the cold, 
the most difficult challenge will be to get on with Ikor! 
His combat style is the same as all Fire People: fight 
first, then think of a strategy!  The Ice Herald, Ikor is the son King Kori and heir to 
the throne of the Ice Castle. Conceited and proud, 
Ikor will have to learn to trust his comrades to 
become a true Guardian and a sovereign worthy of 
the name. Everything he does is calculated, every 
attack is part of a strategy. Ikor is a formidable enemy!
Ao-Ki is the Keeper of Knowledge, a mysterious girl of light 
who lives in One Tower.  No one knows where Ao-Ki comes from: she is not connected to 
any of the four elements, but she has a unique connection with 
the powers of light! She will teach the Guardians to use the 
powers of the Element Bracers and guide them in their fight to 
save Gorm!
Trek, the Rock Herald, is the strongest in the group. 
The People of the Rock are famous for their incredible 
physical strength, and Trek is one of the strongest 
young Rock Gormians. But his strength means he is 
always hungry! His connection with the rock makes 
him calm and balanced, except when he has no 
more Sloggu bars!  Eron is the Wind Herald, he loves having fun and can 
never stand still! Like all Wind Gormians, Eron thinks 
life is a game: no occasion is too serious for a joke! 
His friends learn not to panic in the hardest 
situations from him, they’ll often find a surprising 
answer that only Eron could come up with!
The dark Lord of Shadows has only one goal: to steal all of Gorm's magical energy and create a new kingdom, 
the realm of the Darkans! He has infinite powers: his fearsome dark magic required the joint effort of the four 
Lords and of all the Gormiti to drive him from Gorm and imprison him in Darkor, but this did not defeat him! 
Voidus is back to conquer Gorm!