Suitable for ages 3+  Discover the world of Kindi Kids! A place where every 
day is about playing and making friends! Join the Kindi 
Kids as their Rainbow Kindi comes to life!

Dr. Cindy Pops

Kindi Fun Unicorn Ambulance

Kindi Fun Doctor Bag

Shiver ‘n’ Shake Rainbow Kate


Dress Up Marsha Mello

Summer Peaches

Snack Time Friends
Rainbow Kate – ID50023

Kindi Fun Delivery Scooter

Kindi Fun Backpack

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Snack Time Friends
Donatina – ID50006

Snack Time Friends
Jessicake – ID50008

Snack Time Friends
Marsha Mello – ID50009

Snack Time Friends
Peppa-Mint – ID50007

Kindi Fun Supermarket

Kindi Fun Refrigerator

Kindi Fun Shopping Cart


Peppa-mint is extremely shy and
easily scared, but her kindness and
generosity are limitless. It may take
a lot for her to build up confidence,
but she will go above and beyond for
her friends. A little bit of a loner, 
she’s perfectly happy to be curled
up with a picture book in the story
zone or quietly working on her
latest project in the art and crafts
section. She’s endearingly gullible;
always falling for Donatina’s 
runaway fantasy stories.  Donatina is sassy, cheeky and
unwaveringly enthusiastic. She’s not
the brightest bulb around and can
say some very silly things. She
regularly gets carried away with
her overactive imagination, but that
means that everything is an exciting
adventure just waiting to happen!
She’s the type to barge in, snatch
and do something without thinking
twice. Donatina has incredible luck
and always lands on her feet – she
embraces mistakes and somehow things
always work out in the end.  Marsha Mello is a ray of sunshine and
positivity. Perpetually happy, a little
spacey, and spiritually grounded,
she’s just as content admiring the
veggies as she is playing with her
besties. She’s wonderfully honest but
can be very bossy and has absolutely
no filter, blurting out whatever comes
to mind. This means that no secret is
safe with her!  Jessicake is a natural leader that 
can achieve anything she puts her
mind to – but she’s a perfectionist,
so she usually doesn’t want to try
something unless she’s sure she’ll
nail it. If she’s not amazing at it
straight away, get ready for a
frustrated tantrum! Otherwise, she’s
a true people person, smart, 
confident and able to make friends
with almost anyone.