Holiday Toy Books Are Out!!

Major retailers including Wal-Mart, Toys ‘R’ Us, Amazon, and Canadian Tire have released their Holiday Toy Books for this year and there are a TON of great deals on terrific toys that you won’t want to miss!Get ahead on your Christmas shopping and save big on brands like TMNT, Miraculous, YCOO Robots, DC Superheroes, Disney plush, Science4You, Real Littles, and more.

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Showing Off Our Stuff

The last week of August, Imports Dragon participated in the Toys R Us Vendor Show where management from stores across Canada got to see, hold, snuggle, and play with some of the newest toys available at all Toys R Us locations or that will be in the coming weeks. Even when it was quiet elsewhere, the Imports Dragon booth was packed with people eager to get a look at and hear about the latest plush, action figures, playsets, roleplay items,…

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80K YouTube Subscribers

Our YouTube channel just hit 80K subscribers and we are FIRED UP about it!!! Sending out a big thank you to all our toy loving subscribers – there’s a whole lot more toy fun to come!

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